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Updated: Sep 11, 2023

It is really important to remember that when it comes to returning to exercise following pregnancy and childbirth, that there is no one size fits all. The key to success is to "run your own race"! This not only applies to returning to exercise but parenting and life in general too. Try not to worry about what everyone else is doing, focus on yourself, your core values and your own journey.

Seeing a Women's Health Physio (WHP); getting the green light to exercise, completely a comprehensive Pre-Screening Form and attending a 1:1 consult with your fitness professional prior to starting any exercise program is highly recommended.

Returning to exercise following childbirth is so much more than chucking on your sneakers and heading out the door, it needs to be done safely, effectively and with intention. When a women has a baby her body changes, the way she thinks and feels about her body changes and the way she thinks and feels about herself changes. Returning to exercise will be scary and stressful for some and super exciting for others.

The repetitive cycle of sleepless nights, nappy changes and the sole responsibility of nurturing a new life (particular in the first few months) can take its toll on any parent. Self care is thrown out the window and some mums struggle with their new "normal", as they watch their identity disappearing underneath the piles of washing!

I have been there and have felt this way. I think every mum (or stay at home parent) has at some point.

With this in mind, the Mum Strong program evolved. I felt compelled to help educate and support mums on their post natal journey. I wanted to provide an environment and community conducive to helping mums improve their mental and physical health and well-being. A place where mums could bring their babies or children along to exercise, form friendships and feel safe; free of judgement. Ultimately the aim is for mums to walk away from this program feeling more confident than when they walked in, empowered and energised!

Child-friendly gym classes, Women's fitness, Mum's gym class

It is so important to return to exercise safely and with purpose and to be guided by a WHP or qualified post natal fitness professional (or both)! The type of exercise considerations will be different for everyone. Throughout the Mum Strong program we discuss the need to rebuild from the inside out, building good foundations and risk versus reward. Imagine you are building or rebuilding a house. The buildings foundations are integral to the strength and longevity of the house. Taking the time now to build a solid foundation will set you up for success long into the future. Just like any sporting injury there is a rehabilitation phase. The same applies to the post natal body.

The Mum Strong program is not fancy but it is effective. Our primary focus is correct pelvic floor and transverse abdominus awareness and activation and correct breathing patterns. Once this is mastered, functional movement patterns, resistance and intensity are gradually added.

The aim is to have you leaving the program with a better understanding of your body, to feel stronger and confident that you can rely on your body once more (and to have fun doing it with a bunch of likeminded women)!

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