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New Year, New You 🙄

This is the kind of crap that’s filling our screens and inboxes at the moment (sigh). My advice? Unfollow, unsubscribe and delete (forever) 🙅

It’s awesome to have goals but goals can be set any day of the year. I see new year resolutions as just a whole lot of unnecessary pressure.

The fitness industry, big box gyms (and heaps of other industries) are very good at marketing to the vulnerable, particularly women. They can see the money 💰💰

So, in 2024 I encourage every person reading this to avoid signing up to the latest new you/fat burner/calorie counting fitness challenge or craze that is being offered and ask yourself this question. What will make you HAPPY?

I see movement as a privilege and I have people in my life taking advantage of this everyday. I also have people no longer in my life who would love a second chance to be in this world running after their kids and grandkids, swimming in the ocean, going to the gym, playing sport with their mates or running/riding the trials ⛰️

We have a choice everyday to take control of our health and well-being (guilt-free)!

If you are anything like me and a lot of women I see around me, choosing to move regularly is filled with guilt and fuelled by a lack of confidence and self belief, holding us back from reaching our full potential in so many ways. I ask you to toss this attitude aside immediately (and much quicker than I did)!

Find a friend and go to that gym you’ve been stalking on instagram, send that email to the sporting club you’ve been thinking about joining, take that walk/swim/bike ride/run that you always say you’ll do but don’t because theirs “always something else to be doing”.

What’s more important than YOUR health and well-being? Nothing.

Health is a lifestyle and we as individuals can choose to control that every, single day of the year (not just in January).

Tips to get moving and stay moving:

  • Write a list of movement that you think will make you happy

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things (I’d never ridden a road bike until 2019, now I love it)

  • Avoid making things complicated or expensive

  • Find a friend/s to be your safely blanket/walking buddy

  • Surround yourself with encouraging, fun and supportive people

  • Be organised and schedule your own movement (not just the kids)

  • Start off small and gradually increase - little wins - a little bit is better than nothing

  • Avoid making excuses

2024 is the year of choice!





Jump in 😉

I’m always here to help. Send me an email or message me

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