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MUM GUILT is real and it’s hard to shake.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

There are never enough hours in a day and there never will be, but the key is the way you choose to tackle it!

From a health perspective, mum guilt is a huge barrier to women exercising regularly.

Women tend to put the needs of others before their own, from neighbours, parents, friends, children, pets and co-workers. The list goes on! This results in the continual cycle of neglecting their own health + well-being.

I’ll put my hand up to this and my husband agrees. I am notoriously bad at putting myself first and when I do I feel instant guilt.

The problem with mum guilt is that can perpetuate unless you make a conscious decision to flip your mindset. This isn’t an easy thing to do when you consider daily living in 2022 for many women. There are so more outside pressures than 40 years ago. The rise of social media is a massive influence and is available 24/7, along with women choosing to pursue careers along-side family. Women are time poor and everywhere we look we get the impression that others are doing it better.

To be perfectly honest with you mum guilt is ridiculous and is not useful. We need to get rid of it and start prioritising our own health + well-being so we can be a better parent, partner, person and so WE can start living our best life.

It took the passing of my own mum over 10 years ago (cliché I know) to realise that life is precious and rushing around, feeling constantly stressed, yelling at the kids, and expecting my house to look like the cover of a magazine was not useful or fulfilling.

How I changed –

- Lower your expectations – you have kids, your house will be untidy

- Choose fresh air over dirty dishes – walk the dog, take the kids for a wander around the neighbourhood, the beach, or the bush, sit outside

- Exercise – even when you have 100s of things to do. You will feel so much better and more productive afterwards.

- Find your people – the ones that don’t judge what your kids are wearing or what you’ve eaten for dinner. They are the people you need in your life.

- Be present and listen

- Be selfish sometimes – it is ok to watch something on TV of your choice

- Realise that you are your harshest critic. Be kind to yourself.

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