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I am a MumSafe™ Trainer - but what does that mean?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Safe Return to Exercise (SRE) course is not your average postnatal course. It is designed to be THE fundamental learning for every fitness professional who wants to continue to train, keep safe and rebuild their female clients as they become mothers. Having the SRE qualification allows trainers to appropriately educate and empower their mum clients and safely return them to effective and purposeful exercise (no matter what stage of their motherhood journey).

My advise to every woman out there who is planning on having a baby or has children already:

  • Find yourself a fabulous Women’s Health Physio; see them before, during and after ALL your pregnancies.

  • Ask your fitness professional if they have Pre & Post Natal accreditations.

  • Look for the Safe Return to Exercise stamp of approval (SRE).

  • Find a MumSafe™ Trainer or accredited SRE professional in your area -

Currently in Tasmania there are very few fitness professionals that hold additional, specialised qualifications in training women. Don't be afraid to respectfully question your fitness professional and remember if something doesn't feel right, stop and book yourself in to see a Women's Health Physio. Prevention is better than cure!

There is absolutely no reason why a women can not be fitter and stronger post childbirth if that is her goal. The pathway will just look a little different.

I'd love to help so please reach out!

Sarah Castley, Women's Fitness Specialist, Mumsafe™ Trainer

Sarah Castley - Women's Fitness Specialist

Creator - Freedom for Mums 8-week Program

Certificates 3 & 4 Fitness

Safe Return to Exercise accrediated

Female Health and Performance Coach accredited

Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (in progress)

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