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Child-friendly gym classes


  • Helping women return safely + successfully to exercise after having children or exercise hiatus.

  • Helping women prioritise their own health & well-being.

  • Providing appropriate training options, allowing women to continue exercising safely throughout pregnancy. 

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Sarah Castley - Women's Fitness Specialist. Fitness for Mums. Mums and Bubs. Hobart. Tasmania. MumSafe™ Trainer.


 I live the craziness that defines motherhood everyday and understand the

constant juggle that it is #mumlife

I’m Sarah Castley accredited Women’s Fitness Specialist and Female Health & Performance Coach. Committed to life-long learning and ongoing professional development, I have completed additional studies and am accredited to work with women throughout every age and stage of life, including pregnancy, postnatal, peri-menopause, menopause and beyond. 


Postpartum is forever, I know this because I am a wife and mother to four children! After recognising the lack of resources available to women seeking to return to exercise after having a baby, I have spent the past 6 years dedicating my career to raising the standard and changing the way women are looked after within the fitness industry in Southern Tasmania. 

As a Fitness Professional, I saw many women returning to exercise post childbirth with limited knowledge of what changes their body had been through. They had attended their 6-week check and believed this was the “green light” to return to their pre baby exercise routine. This is far from the truth. 


Pregnancy and childbirth changes a woman's body forever. It doesn’t mean she can’t be fitter or stronger than ever before if that is what is wanted, but her body will be different and it will require thoughtful rehabilitation.


I joined the MumSafe™ team in 2019. We are a group of passionate Fitness Professionals across AUS/NZ/ASIA who are committed to providing safe and effective exercise to women through every stage of motherhood and season of life. 


MumSafe™ Trainers are

- Pre + post natal certified

- Registered & insured

- Committed to ongoing professional development 

- Work in collaboration with local Women’s Health Physiotherapists 


Whether a women has had children or not she will continue to cycle through the various seasons including peri-menopause and menopause, bringing with it new challenges and change.


I am your local Fitness Professional with the knowledge to support, educate and empower you throughout these seasons so you can keep up with whatever life throws at you!


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